Emirvy Hair Tonic

Emirvy Hair Tonic

-Is a scalp treatment for women experiencing hair falling and visible hair thinning. -Emirvy stop hair loss & promote hair growth. -Indicated during periods of increased hair loss, related to exhaustion, unhealthy diets, seasonal changes, fatigue and stress, in both men and women. -Reduce micro inflammation & oxidative stress.


-Caffeine. -Pumpkin seed oils. -Keratin. -Vital hair & scalp complex. Pyrusmalus fruit extract. -Betaine. -Ancrine protien -Polygonum multiflorum extract. -Capisome protein -Ginseng extract Capigen protien Green tea extract -Soy protein. -Citrus limon fruit extract. D-Panthenol extract. Camellia sinensis leaf extact Aloe Vera extract. Saccharumofficinarum extract. -Capsicum extract. -Nettle extract -Hexylene glycol. - - Argan oil. - -Marula oil -Garlic oil. . -Hexapeptide-11. - Saw palmetto oil Nigella Sativa oil. -Pine oil. -Peppermint oil.


-In 1 month: more thickness & more mass & restoring healthy hair look. -In 3 months: Maximize hair growth by 200%. -Hair 5 times more stronger. -3 times more resilient. -Very nice odor. -Can be used on sensitive scalp (Hypoallergenic & Paraben Free). -Formula designed to be used on all kinds of hair (natural, colored & treated hair). -Size: *Ampoules *Lotion 10 Amp x 5ml. 120ml.

How to use :

-Ampoules: *Apply one Ampoule on dry scalp & the roots, massage gently for 2 minutes. *Use once daily or 3 times/ week for 3 months according to severity. -Lotion: *Apply 6 puffs to clean dry scalp & the root, massage gently for 2 minutes.