Truevera Scrub cream

Truevera Scrub cream

-Exfoliation is an essential step in skin care. -Removes: Dead cells, softer, finer & healthier looking skin. -Deep cleansing action: Increase active ingredient penetration. -Improvement: Faster result when treating wrinkles, stains, scars, and acne. -High performance: Rise off scrub, recovers moisture & nourishment with multivitamins and anti-aging complex.


-Salicylic Acid -Ascorbic Acid -Tocopherol (vit E) -Hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen -Panax Ginseng root -Hyaluronic Acid -Caviar Extract -Apricot seed -Coffee Arabica Seed -Pomegranate extract -Juglans Regia Shell seed -Licorice extract -Dead sea salts -Zinc Oxide -Coenzyme Q10 -Curcuma Longa Leaf Extract -Dioscorea Villosa root extract -Hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract -Shea Butter -Aloe Vera -Avocado Oil -Chamomile extract -Cucumis Melo -Cucumis Sativus seed & fruit -Papaya extract -Oryza Sativa -Green Tea extract -Lanolin


-For all skin types even the most sensitive one. -For sensitive: rounded granules manufactured with no angle for a gentle exfoliation. -Smart exfoliating action. -Anti-aging effect. -Skin moisturizer. -Free your skin from flaked. -Promote clear completion. -Package: 50 gm.

How to use :

*Apply a suitable amount of TRUEVERA Scrub Cream on wet skin and rub gently for 3 min then wash with water 2_3 times per week.