Truevera Skin Serum

Truevera Skin Serum

-For skin to maintain a youthful appearance it is important to reduce wrinkles and regenerate the skin. -Deep wrinkles are associated with the sagging of skin, loss of tone and firmness. -Problem: once the skin has become wrinkled it is difficult to correct the underlying damaged collagen and it is therefore necessary to reach deeper levels of the skin. -The creamy form of TRUEVERA Skin Serum makes it possible to transport collagen and our complex into deep layers, while we protect the active agents and ensure their stability. -High tolerance moisturizing creamy serum. -Reduce wrinkles and increase skin firmness.


-Hydrolyzed Collagen (marine) -Hyaluronic acid -DermaWhite™ WF -Elestan™ LS 9913 -Collalift® 18 -Ultra Filling Spheres™ -Biotin –Elastin -Shea Butter -Argan Oil -Niacinamide -Vitamin E -Panthenol -Jojoba Oil -Retinol (Vitamin A) -Thioctic Acid -Alpha Arbutin -Caviar extract -SENESTEM™ -GARDECELL™ -Ferulic Acid -Cetiol b (Dibutyl Adipate) -Cetiol ab (C12-C15 alkyl benzoate) -Hippophae Rhamnoides oil -Matrixyl® Morphomics™ -Cetiol cc (Dicaprylyl carbonate)


-For all skin types even the most sensitive Exhibiting mild pigment changes, moderate discoloration. -Most Advanced technique ensure the maximum absorption and hydration. -Creamy serum more suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. -Ideal rejuvenating action. -Anti-aging system (fine lines and wrinkles). -Moisturizing system (skin roughness, dryness, loss of elasticity). -Whitening system (mild pigment change and discoloration). -Package: 50 gm.

How to use :

*Apply a suitable amount of TRUEVERA Skin Serum on wet skin once per day at night. *Can be used after derma roll or derma pen.